Why Centralizing Your Marketing is Key

Every business needs a little help marketing their services, which is why marketing agencies are often used to simplify the process and maximize the potential of every campaign. You may think that spreading your practice’s marketing between different agencies creates competition among them, in turn benefiting you. While in some cases you may be correct, in most, this just creates confusion. Whether you are just starting out, or a savvy veteran, your marketing efforts and budget are better off in one place, rather than several. Let’s discuss why.

Under One Roof

One of the most basic advantages of keeping all of your marketing efforts with one agency is that you know where everything is! Dealing with several different companies for several different aspects of your marketing can quickly become overwhelming. You might use one company for your website, another for direct mail, the newspaper for local advertising, and several different radio and TV stations. Instead of getting lost among all these medias, an agency can manage it all for you and keep you focused on what you do best.

Division Of Labor

Centralizing your marketing allows you to have just one point of contact. When you have questions or concerns, there’s only one representative you need to follow up with, one name to remember, one phone number to have on file, and one contact to hold responsible if things go wrong. This eliminates a lot of the confusion that spawns when dealing with different representatives from different firms.

Passing The Buck

One point of contact also means that there’s one point of accountability. So if something isn’t working, then you know exactly who to contact. This way there’s no going back and forth between different agencies while they all pass blame for why things aren’t working as well as they should. Centralizing your marketing means you will know exactly who is responsible – whether it’s helping or not.

Unbiased Approach

Perhaps the greatest reason to centralize your marketing is because no matter what company you end up working with, they will have no need to be biased. For example: If you only run a direct mail campaign, your direct mail rep will find every reason to keep that campaign alive while sacrificing others. The same goes for any rep who only works with one form of media. An agency on the other hand, makes the same amount of money no matter where your marketing dollars are allocated, resulting in an unbiased approach. I mean let’s face it, when was the last time your local newspaper rep walked in your office and said “The newspaper isn’t working, you should try radio”?

These are just a few different ways where centralizing your marketing can do wonders for your practice. A little bit of organization, accountability, and an unbiased opinion of the industry can turn subpar practices into well-oiled machines. Staying centralized is an often underutilized tactic of marketing that has benefits everywhere you look. Whether you work with us or someone else, this philosophy holds true.