Case Study: Coolican Dental

Case Study: Coolican Dental – How mini implant marketing helped take this general dentist to new heights, pre and post COVID

Owned and operated out of Scranton, PA, Dr. John Coolican and his staff of six have been a mainstay in their community for years. Dr. Coolican had been placing mini implants for some time but had been hoping to make it a larger part of his practice. After several failed attempts at growing this aspect of his practice, Dr. Coolican enlisted the help of Maxilla Marketing in hopes of a breakthrough.

Primary office struggles:

  • Difficulty closing implant cases
  • Struggled helping patients achieve financing
  • Suffered many missed calls

The first major hurdle to clear was financing. Creating a smooth and seamless process for patients to achieve the necessary funds allowing them to move forward with treatment is paramount to a successful process. To help with this, ongoing staff training was implemented focussing on finances and pre-approval processes. Further training was planned with partnered financing companies to ensure the office staff was properly versed on various policies and terms associated with each company.

Marketing Strategies:

  • Preliminary web and pay per click advertising
  • Implementation of animated TV commercial w/ increased budget

After many of the issues with financing had been resolved, it was time to ramp up marketing with some television. An animated spot was created; generating plenty of action. Due to the increased marketing and spike in volume of calls to the office, there was also an increased amount of missed calls. To combat this mounting issue, a call center was put in place to manage the overflow of activity, allowing the office to capitalize on activity more effectively. 

After implementation of the call center, an initial wave of success followed. However the following 3 months were a little underwhelming, so more staff training was planned.

After-market Strategies:

  • Staff training on TV patient struggles
  • Staff training on TV patient financing
  • Financing coordinator training

Although the addition of a call center certainly helped manage missed calls, the office was not able to close on most of the treatments they presented. Since this was the first time the office had experienced the volume and mindset of patients coming from TV, there were lessons to be learned. The following 3 months, the office really turned a corner.

Marketing changes:

  • Increased total budget
  • Added high quality leads with direct mail and NPI

With the addition of lower volume/higher quality leads from mediums like direct mail and newspaper inserts, Dr. Coolican’s office was able to capitalize significantly, improving their return on investment 8X over the previous 3 months. With the office firing on all cylinders, it was time to ramp up the marketing budget – and in doing so, Dr. Coolican’s practice began seeing numbers above and beyond what he thought was possible.

Dr. Coolican’s office was running smoothly nearly through March 2020 before national shutdowns due to COVID19 took effect. Even so, Dr. Coolican, with the help of Maxilla Marketing was able to adapt and overcome, continuing to see strong production even during a worldwide pandemic. All print advertising was paused, and shifted to TV, capitalizing on those in quarantine. Dentaplant, a partner company of Maxilla Marketing was also able to help bridge the gap between initial marketing and scheduled consultations, taking and returning calls to interested patients, pre-screening their potential while call centers were short-staffed.

Marketing changes:

  • All print budget converted to TV

Process changes:

  • Partner company, Dentaplant, was implemented to bridge the gap between marketing and appointments due to limited staff on hand. 

Because of the ongoing and strategic implementations of both Dr. Coolicans’s marketing and process, his office has been able to stay ahead of the curve. His impressive numbers have remained stable throughout COVID19. His June and July 2020 numbers continue this trend with the help of a few more tweaks.

Marketing changes:

  • Increased TV Budget Allocation

Process changes:

  • Implementation of call back system
  • Implementation of direct-to-call center calls (reducing call transfer time)

As Dr. Coolican’s case study proves, marketing is just the tip of the iceberg. Making the most out of the activity that is produced is really what determines the success of your campaigns. 

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