Who We Are

Maxilla Marketing and Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® have exclusively joined forces to provide the utmost marketing support for your practice. Maxilla Marketing Powered by Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® is a boutique dental marketing firm owned and operated by a small team of senior-level marketing and media professionals who focus on practice growth, through so much more than just mailers, print ads, and websites.

To maximize our time with each client, we keep our client base limited. Spending more time with you, your staff, and your campaigns ultimately means bigger things for your practice. As a service, we combine traditional marketing methods with modern technology to maximize your success. We spend a lot of time studying what we call the “after-market”, which is any change that resulted from marketing – good or bad.

Every Maxilla campaign is built around data, fueled by communication, and driven by ROI. The tweaks that are made to our campaigns and budget after our initial data is collected can greatly impact the performance of those campaigns. The continuous efforts to maximize our campaigns create the very best opportunity for your growth.


We work with doctors all across the country, however we will never work with more than one office in the same immediate area. It would be impossible for us to guarantee the same level of marketing presence and/or dominance for two competing offices in the same town. Therefore, local population and distance between offices are always carefully taken into consideration.

An added benefit of local exclusivity is that we can take lessons we’ve learned throughout the country and apply them to our clients elsewhere. Without having to fear imposing on other offices; we, along with our clients, can learn from each other by sharing stories both of success and failure. Armed with this extended knowledge, we are able to gain an edge and sidestep potential problems.

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Our Creative Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever is necessary to make your practice grow.

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CEO / Founder
Dental Marketing pavel About Us
Senior Web Developer
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Director of Accounts
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Campaign Manager
Dental Marketing missy-2 About Us
Director of Client Services
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Service Coordinator
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Director of Development
Dental Marketing brandon About Us
Campaign Analyst

Our Clients

Our client’s success is our success. We’re in this together.

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What others say about us

Maxilla Marketing took me under their wing and I’ve never looked back. Their strategies have doubled my production in mini implants. I’m thrilled about what they’ve done for me, they are a fabulous firm.
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Dr. John CoolicanScranton, PA
I can tell you 100% that Ryan and Missy care about my practice growing and being more successful and I can’t say that about any other marketer that I’ve worked with.
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Dr. Nathan CollinsBastrop, TX
Maxilla Marketing trains staff and actually listens to phone calls, then continues to train and that is really a huge plus for me.
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Dr. Bruce WilliamsSalisbury, PA