3 Things You’re Definitely Not Doing to Grow Your Practice

Marketing your dental implant practice is important to its overall growth. You can only place implants for patients who are aware that you provide the service after all. Many practices fall short, however, in a few key areas that can be the difference between average and successful strategies. Anyone can launch a campaign and get some activity, but maximizing those campaigns to reach their true potential separates the best from the rest. Let’s discuss some things you’re definitely not doing to grow your dental implant practice.

Tracking Campaign Activity

If you aren’t tracking your marketing campaigns, you are flying blind. Every campaign should have a different tracking phone number; meaning every phone call your practice receives from various marketing efforts will be accounted for – no more relying on the foggy memories of your patients when asked where they’ve heard of you. Accurate, to the minute analysis that a tracking phone number provides is unrivaled if you want to know exactly how your campaigns are performing.

Call Monitoring and Staff Training

The same tracking numbers you’re using for your campaigns should be monitored for training purposes. Dental implant calls are very different than general dentistry calls. Enthusiasm, empathy, and a bit of salesmanship are key contributors to guiding a potential patient from initial interest to a scheduled consultation. Ongoing staff training and incentives should also be a major part of your process. A well-trained staff that believes in the direction your practice is going will be the engine that drives you there.

Analyzing Overall R.O.I.

Your return on investment should always govern your next marketing decision. However it’s imperative that when determining a campaign’s success or failure, you give it a fair shake. Evaluate your campaigns on a quarterly basis as this allows for enough data. Tweaks to these campaigns should be done one at a time, so no more than one variable is adjusted at once.

All contributing factors should be taken into consideration when determining the success of a campaign. Activity is often just the beginning. Missed phone calls, show rate, and acceptance rate are all key performance indicators that will drastically affect the overall health of your campaigns, and should be assessed accordingly.

Marketing your dental implant practice can be a significant commitment. However if done correctly, implant marketing can take your practice to new heights and completely change your future. Monitoring your campaigns closely and keeping your staff trained may be all that’s standing in the way of making this dream a reality.