What we do

At Maxilla, we maximize efficiency at every level of your marketing campaign to increase ROI.


    From cutting-edge list curation methods to comprehensive campaign analytics, we do things right.

  • Tracking

    State-of-the-art tracking technology allows us to make data driven recommendations for maximum success.

  • Coaching

    Daily staff evaluations, weekly updates, and ongoing coaching sessions to optimize staff awareness.

about us

Backed by an abundance of talent, knowledge, and experience, our team knows how to track every
part of your sales funnel, and give it the boost it needs.

Maxilla About Us

Let's do the fun stuff

Maxilla Marketing and Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® have exclusively joined forces to provide the utmost in marketing support for your practice. Maxilla Marketing Powered by Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® is a boutique dental marketing firm owned and operated by a small team of senior-level marketing and media professionals who focus on practice growth, through so much more than just mailers, print ads, and websites. To maximize our time with each client, we keep our client base limited. Spending more time with you, your staff, and your campaigns ultimately means bigger things happen for your practice.

As a service we combine traditional marketing methods with modern technology to maximize your success. We spend a lot of time studying what we call the “after market”, which is any change that resulted from marketing - good or bad. Every Maxilla campaign is built around data, fueled by communication, and driven by ROI.

50 million mailers
85 Dental Clients
67 years experience
4,328 Cups of Coffee


We create successful, individually customized practice growth strategies from
initial concept through after market analysis.

Direct Mail

Much more sophisticated list curation methods, top-notch design, premium materials and response driven messaging deliver far more successful campaigns.

Web Design

Believe it or not more people will visit your website this month than your actual office. That’s why we build stunning, mobile-responsive websites.

Media Management

Multi-media is such a major part of our lives, unfortunately we all enjoy it so passively. We know exactly where, when, and how to reach the implant market.

Social Media

Social media, if utilized properly, can be a powerful tool for engaging with both clients and industry peers. We know the ins and outs of a sometimes daunting medium.


People today use the first page of Google as a barometer of both truth and quality. You can either change their thinking or just get on the first page.

Google PPC

Studies show that people don’t often click on Google ads, but those same studies show when they do, it’s to buy. You pay nothing unless your ad is clicked.

The process.

  • 1. Planning

    During the exploration stage, we dive into your practice,
    evaluate your community and learn your personal goals.

  • 2. Launch

    After training your staff, we launch your campaigns
    with any and all necessary tracking.

  • 3. Analysis

    Once live, every campaign is tracked and analyzed, including staff management,
    for maximum results.

The Team

Our experts have over 65 years of combined experience in design and digital/print marketing. We will find what works for your business, and use it to maximize your potential.

Ryan Pritchard

Ryan Pritchard

Pavel Ketsuk

Pavel Ketsuk

Senior Web Developer
Chasen Lee

Chasen Lee

Sales Executive
Dylan Pritchard

Dylan Pritchard

Digital Media Manager
Brandon Kisberg

Brandon Kisberg

Call Analyst
Missy Florentino

Missy Florentino

Senior Account Manager
Ty Holmes

Tyler Holmes

Jr. Account Manager


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